Mohammed Abdul Karim known as the Munshi, was an Indian attendant of Queen Victoria. He served her during the final fourteen years of her reign, gaining her maternal affection over that time. Queen Victoria’s mysterious relationship with a young servant from India made her suspect of madness. 120 years have passed since the death of Prince Albert’s wife. Therefore, she has recalled a story that has been tried to conceal for decades.

Watch the video below to know, who was Abdul Karim and why did he become the closest person to the Queen?

A feature film was released under the title: “The Queen’s Confidant”. It is the story of the extraordinary friendship between British Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, an Indian Muslim who accompanied and served her during the last 15 years of the Queen’s reign. Victoria gave him the title of “munshi”, secretary but also a teacher. The platonic relationship between the two was a source of rumors and anxiety at the British court. It is speculated that it was thanks to the influence of Abdul Karim that the country’s foreign policy and the strong, uncompromising character of the queen were softened.

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