The National Bank of Poland has found a solution to this problem – coin machines. Every one can get rid of change with them – after throwing in coins, we receive banknotes in the cash register in return. In this way, the NBP requires money that is not active in circulation from the household of Poles.

The very use of the machines is free of charge. The machine handles coin from PLN 0.01 to PLN 5 and is open at each branch during its working hours – from 8.00 – 14.00

The National Bank Of Poland launched a pilot in 2019. At that time, the first machine of this type was installed in the Warsaw branch of the National Bank of Poland. Today there are already 17 of them. One machine has been installed in each oh the regional branches of NBP.

Coin machines replaced the previously functioning model of converting coins at the counter and exchanging them for banknotes. It involved a commission, and it often happened that the window was closed for several hours.

Poles exchanged 20 million coins in vending machines, of which coins with a face value of 1,2,5 groszy. The benefit is mutual. After the conversion, the customer can use the purchasing power of the coins he has, and the NBP can put them back into circulation without incurring the cost of their production.

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