When the Sunday Trade ban was introduced in 2018, shop owners came up with new ideas how to keep it open. Few shops started displaying art works to show the shop as an art gallery. The act on restricting trade on Sundays and public holidays provides for a catalog of 32 exemptions, one of which concerns postal points of contact. In 2021, we had a peculiar rash of contracts concluded between courier companies and retail chains. As a result, courier services were introduced in other stores, and chains began to open their stores on non-trading Sundays.

From February 1, 2022, it will be much more difficult for the retail giants to open on Sundays. The gate “to the post office”, which allowed trade for all entities offering postal services to customers, will disappear. After the changes, only points recording at least 40% of revenue from postal services will be able to do so. Pursuant to the ordinance of the Ministry of Finance, sales records are to be kept separately for each commercial outlet, even if the entrepreneur has several such outlets.

Kaufland, Netto Polska and Carrefour Polska have confirmed that they will not open stores on Sundays from 1 February. On the other hand, Lidl Polska and Biedronka assured that they would adapt to the applicable law.

The ban on Sunday trading would affect most retail outlets, with some exceptions as pharmacies, bakeries (until 13.00), flower stores, religious stores and restaurants. However, this does not mean that the new regulations will close all stores. Zabka and Carrefour Express points will remain open. Outlets of both chains will benefit from another exception allowing the store to open on the last day of the week. Namely, these stores operate on a franchise basis, so on Sundays behind the cash register will be the franchisee, that is, its owner.

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