Marcin Iwinski, co – founder of C D project, the most important polish game developer company was elated today at the launch of his most awaited game.
The developer of cyberpunk 2077, the much delayed video game that is reported to be one of the most expensive ever made, has promised a “new quality” in experience for users when it finally launches world wide on Thursday. Their last game “The Witcher” became a global block buster. the English version contains 450 of dialogues voiced by 125 actors.The main character in the game is gun totting leather clad “V” . Who features in the yellow advertising posters in a marketing campaign.
The total budget for the game is estimated at 1.2 billion zloty [270 million Euro] Which would make cyber punk one of the most expensive video game ever made.
The Witch launched in 2015 and is still much loved by gamers for it’s story line. This time we instead decided to launch cyber punk.The game will also be coming out in 18 languages, and will be fully dubbed in 10 languages.
It features the face and voice of Keanu Reeves, was greeted with euphoria by fans.
The game Cyber punk is an extrapolation of the future.

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