From 1 to 27 February, parents and guardians will be able to benefit from an additional care allowance – informed the Minister of Family and Social Policy Marlena Maląg.

The decision – as the minister pointed out – is dictated by the introduction of remote learning in primary schools (in grades 5-8) and in secondary schools, as well as in special secondary schools, including those functioning in special school and educational centers and organized in medical entities and social welfare units.

“The additional care allowance will be granted in the event of closure or limited operation of the facility due to COVID-19 attended by the child. By deciding to reintroduce remote learning, we have decided that parents will again be able to take advantage of the additional allowance to provide care for their children while learning at home.” – emphasized Minister Maląg.

According to the Regulation, the additional care allowance is granted to the parents who care for a child:

  • up to 8 years of age
  • up to 16 years of age with a certificate of disability
  • up to 18 years of age with a certificate of severe or moderate disability
  • Or a person up to 24 years of age with a certificate of need for special education

An additional care allowance is granted if there is no other parent who can provide care for a child or a disabled person. It is not included in the period for which the care allowance provided for in the provisions of the Act on cash benefits from social insurance in the event of illness and maternity is due.

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