Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski, Chief Sanitary Inspector Krzysztof Saczek and Director of the National Institute of Public Health PZH – National Research Institute Grzegorz Juszczyk on Thursday took part in a press conference devoted to the current epidemic situation in Poland and the prospect of lifting sanitary restrictions.

Niedzielski stated that recently the government has observed the effect of the return of children to school and a large influx of refugees to Poland. Fortunately, they did not contribute to breaking the downward trend of Covid in Poland. He also said that the omikron variant turned out to be much less severe than the delta variant, which we had to deal with in the previous wave. Despite the large number of infections in the fifth wave, the number of hospitalizations remained below 20,000.

Niedzielski said, “I have decided to introduce two solutions from 28 March. The first is the abolition of the obligation to wear masks. From 28 March 2022. Second is that from Monday we are lifting home isolation, quarantine for housemates and border quarantine.” He also stressed that patients identified as positive will have to isolate themselves at home.

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