We have 36 thousand 665 new coronavirus infections in Poland. This is the highest ever since the beginning of the pandemic in Poland. However, it is just the start of the fifth wave in Poland. At its highest peak, the number of cases might reach up to 140,000 cases per day.

Omikron is much more contagious than previous versions. We have records of infections and a completely new situation – emphasized Mateusz Morawiecki at the press conference today. 

According to the Prime Minister’s announcement, from January 27, free antigen tests for coronavirus are to appear in pharmacies. “The fifth wave has become a fact, but it is different from the previous ones. Today we are dealing with omikron, which is much more contagious. I do not want to speculate whether it will be 50,000 or 100,000 a day. It will be a lot and we have to prepare for it.” – said the Prime Minister.

From January 27, anyone who is interested in an antigen test can fill out an online form at home or at a pharmacy, and then have the test taken for coronavirus. In addition to this free COVID-19 tests in pharmacies, Morawiecki announced that the period of quarantine will be reduced from 10 to 7 days.

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