In Poland, the number of new cases of Covid-19 had dramatically decreases. On 1May 2021, the daily cases were 6473. And by 1August 2021 the daily cases was just 91. It’s a drop of almost 98%.

However, the number of active coronavirus cases continues to rise in Poland since the beginning of September, setting it apart from almost all other European Union member states. 

On Friday 3 September 2021, the health minister, Adam Niedzielski made his claim in TVP Info that Poland could see daily coronavirus infection numbers of up to 5,000 in late October.

According to some latest studies, it is speculated that by the 1 Oct 2021, the number of daily new cases would be about 6000. And by the second week of this month, the level of infections may reach 1,000 a day.

Niedzielski also said that at 1,000 infections the government will not be considering any new restrictions.

As of now, about 18.90 million people are fully vaccinated in Poland. This is about 49% of the population in Poland. Optimism says that due to vaccination, Poland may not face the fourth wave of pandemic.

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