You do not have insurance and have COVID? Are you a foreigner ? Here’s who pays for your treatment in Poland.

It is very important that no one has to be afraid to consult a doctor and know about the free treatment. Therefore, please share this information with your friends and family.

Usually, foreigners, who still come to this country, take out insurance privately or do not go to the doctor because they cannot afford it. All patients with a suspected coronavirus, regardless of citizenship and insurance, are diagnosed free of charge. The National Health Fund pays hospitals and Polish patients and the Ministry of Health for foreigners. Anyway, this is not only in the case of coronavirus, but with all more dangerous infectious diseases.

Persons who do not have health insurance entitlements- are financed from the state budget from the part which is at the disposal of the minister competent for health. The list of diseases whose treatment in Poland is absolutely free, also for uninsured persons, is included in the Act on preventing and combating human infections and infectious diseases are on the GIS website. Information is available in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese.

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