Later this summer, we will travel to 17 countries in Europe and restore over 200 of our buses to the roads, said Kamila Zalewska, responsible for the development of Flixbus in the region, announcing the carrier’s summer schedule of connections. – We will not only revive connections, but also open new lines to new cities. If the restrictions are loosened and demand returns, our network will be 211 cities, she added.

Flixbus has announced a new timetable. From May 20, it gradually restores domestic, foreign and seasonal connections. The carrier’s plan is to restore connections and open new routes to a total of 17 countries in Europe during the summer season.

 From May 20 to the end of June, we will be launching new connections every week – added Zalewska. At that time, 60 buses will run on the roads around Poland and to seven European countries. The grid will initially cover 30 domestic and international connections. – In addition to them, today also typical holiday connections are available for sale, incl. to Szczawnica, Władysławowo, Łeba, Kąty Rybackie . They are also to come back, among others regular routes to Wrocław, Zakopane, Gdynia, Kołobrzeg, Poznań, as well as foreign routes to Berlin, Vienna, Dresden, Kiev, Paris and Prague. There will also be new stops, incl. Warszawa Stadion or Rondo Wiatraczna in Warsaw, Borek Fałęcki in Kraków.

Flixbus announced that on May 12-14, ticket prices for connections from May 20 to June 18 will start at PLN 0.99. The pool of tickets is 4500 on domestic and international routes.

The most important thing we look at is demand and easing of restrictions. During the first wave, we only maintained one line: Szczecin-Berlin. Since the second wave, this line has not returned yet, because we have not seen searches on the site, and therefore the demand and interest in this line. The Baltic States and Ukraine. – It is also important what others do. Many of us were convinced that the coordination of restrictions at the European level had not been achieved . From Poland, we offered routes to several European countries. The rate of vaccination, the emergence of covid passports, everything that will make it easier to cross borders and avoid quarantine, as well as lifting restrictions, opening hotels, all have an impact – he added.

He stressed that the unfreezing of the economy means more jobs. – Defrosting the economy means that the demand for employees is higher, and we can restore new directions, also for seasonal workers – he added. An example is the routes between Poland and Ukraine. He noted that there is a lot of demand and interest in connections to Western European countries. Hence, Flixbus plans to restore connections to local capitals at the beginning.

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