According to statistical wages in Poland are slowly but steadily increasing, but it is difficult to get a raise if we do not apply for it. Research conducted br shows that in Poland every third professionally active person has never applied for an increase in remuneration. Respondents who say that raise are simply not available in their company.

However, this does not have to be true because only 28 percent say they are eager to share information about their earnings with others, and half of those polled believe that their work does not have a clear pay system.

We rarely apply for a salary increase, despite the fact that we are usually not satisfied with it. Only 32 percent of respondents say that the current salary meets their expectations. It would certainly be easier for us to overcome and negotiate earnings if the information about them were public and already available in the job offer. As many as 71 percent believe that job offers should contain information about the exact or approximate earnings at the recruited position.

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