Truck driver, a Turkish citizen, who drove the truck to Poland from Germany, heard a call for help from his trailer at some point while driving. He notified the employer, who passed the information to Police. A police patrol was sent to the indicated place. Due to the threat to life and health, the truck driver broke the cargo seal in the presence of officers. After opening the door, police found 11 Afghan citizens inside. They did not have any documents or residence permits.

There were 6 men, 3 women and 2 kids of 6 years old. As they had travelled many hours without food or water, Police organized hot meals and tea for them. During the enquiry, Police found out that these Afghans got into the cargo in Romania thanks to the help of a stranger who was supposed to organize a further trip to Germany for EUR 1,500. First, it went to Germany and from Germany, it came to Poland.

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