Mubarakullah and Saiful Islam tempted a youth in Bangladesh by offering him a job in Poland. They demanded Taka 5 lakh. The youth’s father, Mr. Mawla could pay only Taka 4.5 lakh. After receiving the amount, Mubarak and Saiful started to harass the father and the son by giving different dates of his flight to Poland. After a while, instead of job in Poland, they offered job in Hungary. Finally, after making the youth wait for couple of months, they booked a flight to Croatia.

This youth agreed to go, but Mubarakullah and Saiful Islam took him to India instead of Croatia and held him hostage. Then they demanded Taka 5.5 lakh more as ransom for the youth’s release. The father Mr. Mawla filed a complaint to Police and later the two accused were arrested in a raid.

“These human traffickers” had planned to take ransom from youth’s family and then to smuggle him into Croatia, where they sell people to certain companies” said the Rapid Action Battalion officials.

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