It’s as bizarre as it can get. In the last two to three months, there have been incidents where the monkeys roaming in the Lavool village, Maharastra, would catch puppies and take them to a place with considerable height to throw them from there. At least 250 dogs have been killed so far.

The monkeys were reported to have left puppies on roofs and in trees where they would die from lack of food and water, and in other incidents they would be thrown down and killed. The locals said the monkeys had been so thorough that there were no puppies left in that village.

Villagers in Lavool village, in the Beed district of Maharashtra, reported the langur monkeys after they witnessed them engaging in what seemed to be targeted killings of the neighborhood puppies and they claimed the monkeys were carrying out revenge killings after dogs had killed an infant monkey.

A Nagpur forest department team in Beed has captured two monkeys involved in the killing of dogs.

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