Santander bank’s hotline was stormed with thousands of phone calls today. It turned out that amounts in hundreds or even thousands of zlotys were disappearing from the accounts.

Many customers did not believe when they could not pay for subsequent purchases or checked their bank account balance. When Payment card blockade and lack of funds in the account occurred, people were totally confused and scared. They all started contacting the bank. Santander responds, but making a call to the hotline is still not easy.

Thousands of zlotys were disappearing from the accounts. As of now, it is not known what could have been the cause of the failure, which made Santander bank customers extremely scared. There is a big discussion and a storm in the comments on social media. Already a few hours ago, customers began to alarm that much larger amounts are disappearing from accounts.

One client complained that he paid 62.05zl (Sixty-two zlotys and five groszy) for his purchase, but 6,205zl (Six thousand, two hundred and five zlotys) was gone from his account.

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