Telephones and TV equipment may become more expensive next year.  2021 may be the year of an increase in electronic equipment. The bill was submitted to the Sejm this month. The act is to improve the well-being of artists and create a special Fund to support professional artists.

The Ministry of Culture, points out that, Artists who do not earn regular income from their activities, fall into poverty or look for additional sources of income, giving up the profession of an artist. Therefore, we lose intellectual and creative potential, which is a source of innovation and economic development. There are also no tools to support the financial and social status of artists.

Hence, to support the artists, a new bill, “Smartphone Act” is being introduced. This is to be funded by the manufacturers and importers of computers, tablets, phones, TV sets with the Smart function. This project prepared by the Ministry of Culture is to be included in the government’s legislative work list. Minister Gliński indicated in an interview with RMF FM that equipment prices should not go up, because the prices of electronics in Poland are still one of the highest in Europe.

In a letter to Minister Gliński against the introduction of the so-called, “tax on smartphones” was spoken by the Consumer Federation. It indicated that the new levy would hit consumers and increase the scale of digital exclusion by Poles. The Consumers’ Federation negatively assessed the new levy, pointing out that, according to sellers, the prices of smartphones, computers and TV sets may go up by about PLN 300. This is a very large amount, considering the volume of the smartphone, TV and laptop market.

About PLN 1 billion a year would go to organizations such as ZAiKS. This means that this money will be taken from our home budgets. – emphasized Kamil Pluskwa-Dąbrowski,, president of the Consumer Federation. The Consumers’ Federation emphasized then that the new fee will introduce something like “double taxation”, because users already pay numerous subscriptions for services such as Player, Spotify, Netflix or other on demand services

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