The road authorities of Warsaw is investing another 5 million zlotys to buy four more e-control cars. These e-control cars will scan your car’s license plates, and will check if you paid for parking and if you have parked over time than the paid amount. Electric cars to control parking payment is undoubtedly a bull’s eye when it comes to Warsaw’s investments. Road workers have calculated that one car performs the work of 10 foot-patrols. This way of checking parking fees is very effective.

As ZDM summed up, last year, two and then three cars drove over 68,000km and inspected 1,342,313-parked vehicles. For comparison, in 2019 all our 25 foot-patrols, i.e. 50 controllers, issued only about 289,000 additional payment documents – says Jakub Dybalski, representative for ZDM

These cars control parking lots all over Warsaw every day. A higher penalty for the lack of a parking fee, extended hours of paid parking and an innovative system for tracking unpaid cars, create a tight parking zone in Warsaw. ZDM electric cars, which control parking lots in the capital city on a daily basis, has a new function now – air quality monitoring in Warsaw. Dust sensors are mounted on the roof of each car, which will check the quality of the air.

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