The former postman revealed a secret from his youth. The 87-year-old worked as a postman, so he had contact with many women every day. Women willingly invited him to bed, because the man was confusingly similar to the singer Johnny Cash, who was very popular at that time. As he says, contraception was not as popular as it is today, so he is not ashamed of anything.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of! The sixties were the famous times of Johnny Cash. My look-alike quality made a great impression on women” said the postman.

During a conversation with journalists, the 87-year-old also said that his resemblance to a musician made a huge impression on women who often invited him to bed, which he could not refuse. The detective who dealt with the man’s case did not expect that a certain coincidence could give rise to an investigation that lasted over 15 years. He explained that it all started many years ago when two men approached him seeking help in finding their biological fathers. As it turned out, it was the same person, then this secret became the detective’s passion, who devoted every spare moment to the investigation. After more than 15 years, at a time when DNA testing could be done without any problems, he was able to establish that an 87-year-old could be the father of 1,300 people or even more.

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