Throughout Poland, police officers and employees of the Sanitary Inspectorate went on a raid on Friday evening and Saturday to check whether entrepreneurs comply with coronavirus restrictions. They were shocked to notice that restaurants, pubs, dance clubs and gyms are open! When they asked the owners of these places, they replied that resuming operations is the only way to avoid bankruptcy.

Polish government has recently extended covid-19 restrictions until January 31st. In response to this decision, many entrepreneurs opened their businesses, despite the prevailing restrictions. The Government Crisis Management team, on the other hand, issued an order to organize mass raids to control and punish the businesses that are open.

Among other restaurants that are open, an Indian restaurant in Torun Old Town was open on Saturday evening. When the raid team reached the restaurant, they found 20 clients inside the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant argued that if they do not open now, the restaurant could collapse.

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