34 Clubs playing, 80 clubs in Spain alone; 212 years ago played for the first time in Spain.

When you think about the Europe and the game, the idea of football comes to your mind but not cricket. But there are other sports beside football, which are also preferred. There is also cricket, which has great appeal. There are 34 countries in Europe, where cricket is being played.

Barring England and Ireland, T20, the shortest format of cricket , is more popular in the remaining 32 countries. The game has developed in Europe with ICC’s efforts to promote cricket and increase the number of associate members.

AC Milan one of the leading football clubs in Italy, played a key role in the beginning of cricket. Milan club was born as ‘Milan Cricket and Football Club’. In the last few years, cricket has made a place in the hearts of people. People are not just watching it But playing it too.

The European Cricket Council {ECC}, established in 1997, playing the T20 world cup qualifiers, a number of European countries. It is governing body of European cricket. Earlier the European Cricket Federation used to run cricket. The ECC overseas all activities related to cricket. It hosts the European Championship.

Apart from this, it also organizes junior, Indoor, and Women’s Tournaments. It initially had 14 members. But now it has 37 members, out of which 9 have been recognized as ICC Associates Members and 17 have been recognized as Affiliate Members. At the same time, there are 11 ICC perspective members. There are many European countries, who are playing Cricket World Cup qualifiers.

The European League launched in Spain in July 2019, with 8 clubs landing. It was shown by 40 broadcasters in 120 countries. It had to be cancelled in 2020 due to corona. T20 league was seen by 140 million people in 120 countries.

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