It was in December 2018, all Indians living in Poland were shocked to hear the news about the murder of the Nepalese restaurant owner by two Indian citizen living in Poland.

28-year-old Sanjeev K. and 29-year-old Tapender S. killed the owner of Everest restaurant, Ishwor S. Denat. His body was found in his car and it was speculated that these two Indian men were waiting in his car and strangled him to his death.

Now the verdict has been announced by Warsaw-praga district court, and the two Indians were found guilty of murdering the 37-year-old owner of a Nepali restaurant in Legionowo.

On the night of December 26-27, 2018 in the Nepalese restaurant” Everest “in Legionowo, the victim was incapacitated, held down, and a scarf loop was tightened around his neck, with which he had been strangled. The killers dumped the victim’s body in the victim’s Toyota Yaris. On December 29, a random woman noticed a parked car, inside was Ishwor S. Denat was sitting in the driver’s seat, he was livid and shabby on his face. The victim had slacks down and toecaps torn off, indicating that he might have been dragged. Officers found documents on the body, thanks to which it was immediately established that the deceased was a man who had been reported missing the day before.

The court found that 28-year-old Sanjeev K. and 29-year-old Tapender S. were guilty of the murder of the owner of the restaurant Everest in Legionowo. Tapender S. was also convicted of possessing marijuana found with him at the time of his arrest.  Sanjiv is sentenced to 8 years in prison and Tapinder for 10 years.

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