In Poland, usually we can return the beer bottles and collect the deposit paid for the bottles. However, sellers usually require a receipt to ensure that the merchandise was purchased from their store. This approach can frustrate people who want to recycle glass packaging.

Carrefour Supermarket’s initiative is a great convenience for customers who no longer have to remember to save the receipt after purchasing the beer bottles. At Carrefoure, we can return bottles without a receipt. This new service thus contributes to a significant reduction in the amount of glass waste.

“The tests we initiated in December last year to enable the return of bottles without a receipt, met with such a positive response from our customers that we decided to extend the initiative to other cities. The reactions of consumers constantly confirm that it was the right decision. We will undoubtedly strive to implement this solution in all Carrefour stores throughout the country” – says Barbara Kowalska, Director of the Quality and Sustainable Development Department at Carrefour.

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