UOKiK (Consumer Protection office) imposes a fine of over PLN 700 million on Biedronka.

Biedronka is a chain of supermarkets. It is the largest chain of discount shops in Poland with 2,823 stores as of 2017 and 67,000 employees. The Portuguese group Jerónimo Martins owns it. Biedrona has been playing an unfair practice with the fruit and vegetable suppliers. According to UOKiK, contractors were informed about the need to grant a discount only at the end of the settlement period, after deliveries were made. Thus, when concluding the contract, they did not know how much they would earn, because at any time the owner of Biedronka could demand a reduction in remuneration by granting an additional discount in the amount. According to the office, the owner of Biedronka earned over PLN 600 million on these practices in 2018-2020. Therefore, the President of the Office imposed a fine of PLN 723 million.

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