Poland does not issue a single certificate with full details of the vaccinated person, as is the case for example in Bulgaria. Vaccinated Poles receive a certificate and a QR code, which at the moment does not make it easier to go abroad in any way.

Vaccination is to facilitate free travel in times of a pandemic. At the moment, however, every country has different laws regarding not only who is quarantined upon arrival from abroad, but also what is a vaccination certificate. Poland does not issue a single certificate with full details of the vaccinated person, as is the case for example in Bulgaria. For those who want to go abroad, this is now a difficulty. In the future (probably already at the end of June) the problem is to be solved by the EU – unified – certificate.

  • Only at the end of June, the system of EU green vaccine certificates is to be launched
  • For now, those vaccinated in Poland receive a vaccine acceptance certificate and a QR code
  • The code is to be useful, for example, when controlling the limit of current guests at special events
  • Vaccinated people who want to travel to warmer countries in May or early June and count on being exempt from restrictions should find out what information on vaccination a given country requires

The vaccination certificate is considered valid by Bulgaria 14 days after receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Poles do not receive a document containing all this information.

Greece requires a vaccination certificate issued by an authorized body that will provide key information including the number of doses and dates of administration in one of several languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Russian) and the full name of the person which must match the details in the passport or other travel document.

Where – will we find confirmation that we have taken a preparation protecting against COVID-19?  if we vaccinated in Poland – The answer is: in three places. First of all: after vaccination, the “COVID-19 Vaccine Admission Certificate” is issued on patient.gov.pl. It appears there after taking the first dose, but in the case of two-dose vaccines, it should be remembered that we can talk about vaccination only after taking the second dose.

The document is in PDF, so you can easily print it.

In this document, however, we only have partial information: name and surname and PESEL number allowing to identify a given person and the date of receipt of the vaccine, but there is no name of the preparation, name of the manufacturer or the vaccine batch. This information can be found on the Patient’s Internet Account (patient.gov.pl) one click earlier (in the portal, click “Prevention” in the top menu, then “Vaccinations”).

Here the date of vaccination, the name of the vaccine, the name of the manufacturer, the lot and the EAN number, which is the code that identifies a specific lot of vaccine. The last four pieces of information are not included in this printable certificate.

The virtual certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 can also be found in the mObywat application , which acts as a digital wallet for documents. There you can “hold” a virtual driving license or use e-administration services, and recently you can also download a vaccination certificate. The data that the application is powered with comes from state registers, and if we want to download it, we must confirm our identity using a Trusted Profile or a bank.

The COVID-19 vaccination certificate can be downloaded from the application only after taking the second dose (in the case of vaccination with Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneka, i.e. two-dose preparations). When we try to download the certificate via the mObywat application after the first dose, we will get a message: “You are not in the database of people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19”. To download the certificate, click on “Add new document”, and then select “Vaccination against COVID-19” from the available documents.

The same document will be shown that can be downloaded from patient.gov.pl. If someone does not use the Internet Patient Account or the mObywat application, they can ask for it to be printed at the vaccination center. The certificate we describe is valid for one year. This is because, firstly: it is not known how long the pandemic will continue, and secondly: we do not know whether the regulations or recommendations will change during this time – those concerning functioning in pandemic circumstances.

After full vaccination in Poland, each person, apart from the certificate, also receives an individual QR code announced by the government, which – as the authorities assure – is also treated as a confirmation of vaccination . The code appears on Patient.gov.pl after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. We can also ask the vaccination center to print it.

For now, however, the QR code will not help people who would like to travel abroad . 

EU green vaccination certificates are expected to arrive at the end of June

It is precisely to avoid chaos and facilitate free travel in summer 2021 that the European Union is working on a unified green certificate system. As “Rzeczpospolita” recently announced, the digital certificate is to be technically ready from June 1, and fully operational from the end of June . Currently, over a dozen countries are taking part in the tests, eventually Poland is also to join them.

 We meet all legal and technical requirements, we have provided all information and certificates. Now we are waiting for integration tests with the entire central system for all EU countries. will we find confirmation that we have taken a preparation protecting against COVID-19? And Poland will join it.

– Poland has applied for accession, we are ready that in mid-June our country will be among those EU countries that will jointly make decisions related to respecting the green certificate.

– In terms of technology, the entire system related to certificates in all EU countries would be ready in mid-June, so that it could be launched on June 21 – said the deputy minister.

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