Blocking the document in the bank, blocking the PESEL number, notifying the police, reporting to the commune office.

  • We should report the theft of an ID card to the police, its missing – to the commune office
  • To protect yourself against taking loans or signing contracts in our name, you must reserve the document at the bank
  • If we have lost our ID, but expect to find it soon, we can use the suspension of documents option

Even those who do not have a bank account . What is it about? All you need to do is report the loss of your identity document to the bank. If we are a client of a given institution, A document submitted in one bank is automatically transferred to the central database. Information about its objection is sent, almost in real time, to all banks in the country. If someone wants to use the restricted document, the transaction will be blocked and the police will be notified.

The document reservation service is free of charge . Some banks accept reports not only from their clients, but also from all citizens who have lost their identity documents. 

The reservation of the number is free of charge , and it can also be canceled at any time. Only adults can use the service. Disclaimer of the PESEL number does not invalidate it – we can still use it in everyday situations, e.g. in health care facilities or banks. Importantly, loan companies do not see the data of people reserving their document , but only the status of the PESEL number. On the initiative’s website, there is a list of 25 institutions that use the solution.

Lost ID – where to report?

In the event of loss of an identity document, we can do two things. If we have been the victim of a crime, report the theft of your ID card to the nearest police station. The document will be invalidated on the day of filing the application.

When you are not sure what happened to the document, you should report it to the commune office. There, after completing the appropriate application, the document will be invalidated and we will be able to apply for a new one. We will also report the loss or damage of the ID card via the Internet by logging into your ePUAP account , i.e. the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services, using a trusted profile. After selecting the appropriate tab, the system will direct us to the “Cancel proof” button. The operation will have to be confirmed with an SMS code, which we will receive to the phone number assigned to the trusted profile.

The status of the document will immediately change in the Register of ID Cards, and we will receive a certificate confirming the loss or damage of the document to your ePUAP mailbox The certificate will replace your identity card until a new one is issued. The next step is to apply for a new ID , which can also be done online.

Suspension of the identity card

People who have an e-ID , i.e. an ID card with an electronic layer, issued after March 4, 2019, may also suspend its validity for 14 days. This is useful when we cannot find a document, but we know with a high degree of certainty that it is safe and expect it to be retrieved soon. Importantly, when we find a document, its suspension should be lifted as soon as possible. After two full weeks, the e-ID will be invalidated. Both of these activities can be performed at the office or via the Internet by logging into the ePUAP platform using a trusted profile.

Importantly, if you want to restrict or suspend documents personally,  During the coronavirus pandemic, some work only remotely , while others arrange customers for specific hours, it is worth contacting the competent office in advance.

The government website also allows us to check whether the ID card issued in Poland is suspended or revoked. It is useful when we want to check the status of our documents, but also when we want to verify the identity of another person.

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