Mohammad Kaleem, a little boy who lives with his parents in a small village in Jharkhand State, eastern India, is suffering from a rare form of gigantism, which caused his hands to grow disproportionately large.

Because of his illness, Kaleem has been bullied by his friends and was even refused admission to school because his hands would scare other children. The family has also suffered the wrath of superstitious neighbors in their village, who believed Kaleem’s large hands to be the result of a curse, branding him a ‘devil’s child’.

Luckily, Dr Raja Sabapathy – a pioneering hand surgeon at Ganga Hospital, Tamil Nadu India, took on the challenge to help improve Kaleem’s hands. In one of the most complex cases ever seen, Dr Sabapathy and his team were faced with finding a way to reduce the size of Kaleem’s hands and fingers, without damaging any of his nerves, so that he would still be able to use them.

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