Boris Johnson has gone to India today to persuade its leader to join the western alliance against Putin. Media around the World feels that his trip to India won’t work, because Modi-ji and Putin are much closer than the west realizes. Modi-ji is far more ideologically, culturally and militarily aligned with Putin than is commonly assumed in Europe.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson today called for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine and a peaceful resolution of the conflict even as they underlined their shared vision of an open, free, inclusive and rules-based Indo-Pacific region in which countries are free from military, economic and political coercion.

During the speech in India, Boris Johnson said, “Ukrainian troops are being trained in Poland to use anti-aircraft defense equipment donated by the British government.” He added that Ukrainian troops were also undergoing training in Britain in the use of armored vehicles.

The British government was reluctant to send armored vehicles directly to Ukraine, seeing it as a potentially escalating move. “We are considering what we can do to support countries like Poland that may want to send heavier weapons to help Ukraine defend itself. We are considering sending tanks to Poland to support them, as they are sending some of their T-72s to Ukraine. We need to look at what else we can do militarily, we need to continue to tighten economic sanctions. We want to make sure that wave after wave will increase the pressure on Vladimir Putin – said the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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