Biedronka will set up mobile outlet outlets in 14 cities. Mobile Biedronka outlets in the form of outlet trailers from the beginning of May to the end of June this year will appear in 18 stores in 14 towns, the network said Currently, the Biedronka chain runs 9 brick-and-mortar stores in this format, located in seven cities.

The outlet format is used to organize sales of wholesome industrial products. In the store’s available assortment, customers will find mainly small household appliances, furniture, accessories, products for children, selected cosmetics and household chemicals or products for animals. The average number of items in an outlet store is around 2,500-3,000 items.

Industrial products are very popular in Biedronka, which is why for several years we have been offering our customers these products at reduced prices not only in standard stores of our chain, but also in stationary and mobile outlets. Now, to be even closer to our customers, we have launched our products again. mobile outlets so that customers can buy their favorite non-food items without having to travel long distances.

Mobile Biedronka outlets. When and where? [ADDRESSES, DATES]

04.05-08.05.2021Gnieznoul. Witkowska 11A
04.05-08.05.2021 Golancz12 Jeziorna Street
May 11-15, 2021Mogilnoul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 46
May 11-15, 2021Tulceul. Fiołkowa 1
May 18-22, 2021Obornikiul. Czarnkowska 48
May 18-22, 2021Poznanul. Sycowska 18
May 25-29, 2021Poznanul. Połabska 1
May 25-29, 2021Poznanul. Starołęcka 1
01.06-05.06.2021Leczycaul. Poznańska 37
01.06-05.06.2021Septemberul. Daszyńskiego 8
June 8-12.06.2021Rogoźnoul. Piłsudskiego 36
June 8-12.06.2021Beechul. Jana Pawła II 20
June 15-19, 2021Poznanul. Myśliwiecka 74 / Poznańska
June 15-19, 2021 Koziegłowyul. Piaskowa 21
June 22-26, 2021Gostyńul. Poznańska 200
June 22-26, 2021Pobiedziskaul. Gnieźnieńska 6
29.06-03.07.2021Golanczul. Leśna 1
29.06-03.07.2021Wedul. Kilińskiego 30

Outlet trailers are a mobile sales formula that provides even wider access to art. non-food and textiles at a price lower by up to 50% Each trailer has an area of ​​36 m2 and can accommodate up to 15 pallets of goods.

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