Jeronimo Martins Polska, the owner of Biedronka, must organize an educational campaign for customers. As a result, customers can receive shopping vouchers. The total value of the bills is to amount to PLN 7.5 million. This decision was made by the office of Competition and Consumer protection.

The company is to prepare 500 thousand, vouchers with a total value of PLN 7.5 million. A promotional campaign, in which it is possible to receive a discount voucher for purchases in return for spending a certain amount.

It was planned in March 2020 but it was denied that time due to some issues, But this time, the office Of Competition and consumer Protection accepted the solution they proposed. As a rule, guided by the good of our clients, we proposed the organisation of on-line training, the aim of which will be to raise the level of consumer awareness, and an additional benefit – the possibility of receiving one of 500 thousand, vouchers for purchases in the Biedronka chain worth PLN 15. we will allocate a total of PLN 7.5 million for this, and we will present detailed information on this in the near future.

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