The head of the EU agency Europol has warned that criminal groups will try to market and monetize fake, counterfeit vaccines. Europol has already sent a warning to be extremely vigilant to the Member States of the European Union.

There is a real risk that criminal groups will try to take advantage of the demand for vaccines. They may use two scenarios:

  1. Vaccines will be ordered and paid for, and then never delivered.
  2. The introduction of counterfeit vaccines to the market.

According to the Belgian newspaper, offers for the sale of vaccine has already appeared on social media. If you fall victim to such a fraud, it can of course have serious consequences for your health.

H. Essers organize the transport of vaccines from Belgium to the member states, which has specially secured trucks for transporting vaccines from the Pfizer factory in Puurs near Antwerp to airports or to distribution centers in EU countries. From there, the parcels are distributed to vaccination centers in accordance with the regulations in force to the individual Member States.

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