The beer promotion at Stokrotka will allow you to properly prepare for the upcoming May weekend. In practice, government restrictions prohibit trips for a long weekend, and spending it at home can sweeten the beers obtained as gifts from the store.

Beer for free is an electrifying slogan from time to time amateurs of a golden drink. On Fridays that start the weekend, gifts are usually given for free by Lidl, Biedronka and Kaufland before the long weekend, customers will be tempted by Storotka.

The retail chain has announced that it will offer up to 8 bottles and / or cans of beer for free, indicating that they can be freely choosen.

Beer for free at the Stokrotka. The store is giving away 8 bottles and cans as a gift.

Storotka will be giving away beer for free on April 24-25, 2021, thanks to which the gift can also be picked up on the trading Sunday ahead of the picnic.

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