The Polish Government has published a survival guide on protecting oneself and surviving during the war. This guide is just for safety and precaution. But it has panicked many Poles as well as the foreigners in Poland.

The guide explains in a simple way how to prepare and act during a crisis situation, what to do to avoid a threat and how to behave during its occurrence. To know what the sirens mean and what to do when a siren is alarmed.

The guide consists of two parts. The first contains information necessary to prepare for a threat, the second consists of tips for action during a crisis. In the material we will find how to build resilience in the family to increase the safety of yourself and your loved ones; how to protect yourself from disinformation so that you will not panic; how to behave during an alarm and what the individual signals mean; how to prepare for a possible evacuation; how to behave in the event of contamination of the site, lack of electricity supply or hostage situation; and how to give first aid.

Click here: “Be Ready!” to download the booklet with guidelines:

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