Rysy is a mountain in the crest of the High Tatras, eastern part of the Tatra Mountains, lying on the border between Poland and Slovakia. Rysy has three summits: the middle at 2,501 m; the north-western at 2,500 m; and the south-eastern at 2,473 m. The north-western summit is the highest point of Poland and belongs to the Crown of Polish Mountains.

Ede Blásy and his guide Ján Ruman-Driečny made the first known ascent in 1840. The winter ascent from the Polish side is a serious climb requiring the right equipment (crampons, ice axe) and skills, often with a large avalanche threat. There have been serious avalanche events, including fatal ones. The average slope of the slope above the Czarny Staw is around 30 degrees. In the Rysa couloir, about 40 degrees to its half. In the upper part, the incline reaches up to 44 degrees.

Basith Eduvammal, an Indian living in Poland had been practicing since many years to accomplish a summit to mount Rysy. And on 23 July 2021 after a hard trial of climbing a 13 hour journey, he successfully completed his summit. As of our records, Basith is the first Indian living in Poland who has reported the completion of his climb to the highest peak in Poland.

“The inspiration which led me to do this was like. Last winter I tried a summit to Giewont (1895 m) where I got lost in mountains. I struggled to get back, but because of heavy storm & snow, I missed my trail and map. It had happened in a night and I was the only one who was there at that time without any help. Lot of people warned me to not go there but I ignored that. Fortunately, I made it a success. This incident made me strong to do more adventure in life.” – Says Basith while we asked, what motivated him to reach the top peak of Poland.

Basith Eduvammal narrates, “Rysy is the highest peak in Poland. It is the hardest & difficult trail with 2501 m (8205ft). The trail was on Wednesday 23/07/2021. It took 13 hours to finish the whole trail. I started my trail on early morning 6:00 it’s ended at 19:45. It was the hardest thing I ever done in my life. It was really hard & difficult. I faced lot of struggles to reach there like weather was bit rainy & slippery. Mountain was covered with fog. A guy warned me to not do this on that day because of fog. However, my mind was fully prepared to do that & I ignored all the barriers in between the trails. Few steps are dangerous for life because a slight slip can make you fall down to 8000 ft down. Few situations was thinking me to withdraw from this but my mind was fully supported me to do this. I was happy & I do not have the words to describe the happiness when I was standing in the top of the Poland.”

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