After temporary suspension of vaccination with AstraZeneka preparation, a blockage has formed in the European system. Its discharge was proposed by Christian Hartel, head of the Wacker chemical concern. He suggested that the German vaccine CureVac would fill the gap. First, however, it must undergo the EMA authorization procedure.

Christian Hartel argues that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) could give a positive opinion to CureVac in May. This is much earlier than the schedule assumed.

If this happened, the Wacker concern would start producing the preparation in the first half of 2021. The concern would reach its full production capacity in July.

In terms of numbers, this would mean Wacker could create 100 million doses of the product annually. In addition to the Bavarian concern CureVac, they will also supply Bayer from the Rhineland and Swiss Novartis to the European market.

Hartel added that ultimately his company could double production and achieve production of 200 million doses of the vaccine per year. In his opinion, this would allow to fill the gap that appeared on the market after the temporary suspension of Astra Zeneka vaccination by several countries.

EMA and the World Health Organization (WHO) quickly confirmed AstraZeneca to be “effective and safe”. Also, research conducted in the US showed that AstraZeneca has 79 percent. effectiveness in the prevention of the symptomatic form of this disease and 100 percent. protects against its severe course

EMA launched an accelerated evaluation of CureVac in mid-February. However, the Tübingen biotechnology company responsible for developing the vaccine formulation expects that the process will not be completed by the end of the second quarter (end of June). Assessment is complicated by the emergence of new virus variants.

The contract concluded by the European Commission with CureVac in November 2020 is for 225 million doses, with an option of additional 180 million. This preparation is based on mRNA technology, similar to BioNTech-Pfizer and Moderny products.

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