Poland had already introduced two plans 500+ and 300+ as a support for families in Poland. Under the program, parents can receive a tax-free benefit of PLN 500 per month for the second and any consecutive children until they reach the age of 18. This additional support is roughly 12% of the average gross wage in Poland.

12 Thousand Zł For A Child!A New Benefit Program For Families!

As part of the New Deal, 12,000zl (~2,35,720 Rupees) for a newborn child will be given to parents. This is called Family caring capital. Parents of the second and each subsequent child will get 12 thousand PLN.  This amount is for flexible use between 12 and 36 months of age. “We believe that parents know best whether to use these funds for a nursery, for employing a nanny, or for some other important goal that will help build a larger family and allow to build a larger Poland, because the family is at the heart of our program” – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

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