Masks in Poland are obligatory! In the car too? When is it necessary to wear a mask? What amount will we pay as fine for not wearing a mask in the car? In which situations it is not necessary to wear the mask in the car?

As the number of cases of the coronavirus in Poland increases, the provisions to prevent its spread will be enforced strongly. The police declare zero tolerance for people without masks. When will you get a ticket for driving without a mask? There are already thousands of people infected with COVID-19. The government announces a “zero tolerance” rule in enforcing mouth and nose regulations. According to these, drivers may be fined for not having a mask in the car. We will pay a fine of 500 PLN for driving without a mask in the car.

In exceptional cases, an administrative penalty will be imposed on the driver. This, however, can range from 5000PLN to 30,000PLN. How to avoid a ticket for not having a mask?

So what to do to avoid getting a ticket? It is worth remembering about situations when you should have your mouth and nose covered in your car.

The mask should be worn when traveling with a person with whom we do not live, as well as on public transport. You don’t need a mask when: we travel alone, we travel with people with whom we live in the same house. Children under the age of four may travel without masks.