The Central Statistical Office in Poland carries out a population census every 10 years. The last census took place in 2011, which means that the next one is in this year. The inventory is mandatory and you face a heavy fine for refusing to answer the questions. As the pandemic continues to rage this year, the census will be based on an online form. An application will be launched on the website of the Central Statistical Office. Each person will be authenticated and then answer questions. According to the first announcements, the program is to be ready in April. You can also do your job by calling the hotline or do it at the commune office, but the waiting line can be long.

Even if you answer questions online, inspectors will be randomly choosing few houses and visit them. A refusal may be fined up to PLN 5,000. Examples of questions will concern nationality, legal documents, work details, number of people staying in the house, housing conditions or benefits received.

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