Since mass vaccinations with preparations to protect against COVID-19 has begun around the world, many countries have updated their regulations to include those who where vaccinated. Poland did it too. What if someone traveling to Poland is vaccinated with a preparation authorised by an institution outside EU?

If someone travels to Poland from another country in the EU and has been vaccinated there, they do not have to undergo quarantine after landing in our country.

People vaccinated with a preparations admitted to marketing in the territory of the European Union are released from quarantine for visitors.

This also applies to residents of non-EU countries who have been vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneki or Jhonson & Jhonson vaccine.

Each of these vaccines has also been approved for use in other countries outside the European Union. Different countries, different procedures for allowing vaccines to be marketed.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Health. It does not matter which institutions in a given country approved the vaccines for use, it only matters that it is the same vaccine from the same manufacturer, the preparations of which has been authorised in the EU.

In February, the government issued a regulation clarifying who was released from quarantine for visitors. This group includes, among others people vaccinated with a vaccine, but only one that has been authorised in the European Union.

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