Yesterday 23 April 2022 shortly before 12:00 p.m, a man’s body was found outside the Promenada shopping center in Praga-Południe. The police were immediately called to the scene. She confirmed that there was a corpse lying under the Promenada shopping center. The corpse was identified as a 76-year-old man. The reason of death is not known yet.

The officers conducted their activities under the supervision of the prosecutor. By the decision of the prosecutor, the man’s body was transported to a forensic lab. An autopsy will be carried out. 

Few days back, it was also reported about the corpse of a 49-year-old woman, which was recovered from the Czerniakowski Lake. Two weeks ago, a man’s body was found at the King Cross Praga shopping center at Jubilerska Street in Praga-Południe.

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