Vloggers are people mostly known for their work on the video-sharing website YouTube across various notable channels. Many Vloggers are famous for their videos but many others, in the dream of getting more views for their videos, take extreme steps.

One such Vlogger, an Indian citizen, living in Wroclaw, Poland has his own channel on YouTube. He has around 6.25k subscribers. Most of his videos are related to Poland, such as Poland Work permit, Life in Poland, Poland after Lock down, Nightlife in Poland, and much more. He dated a Polish girl via Tinder, and he filmed secretly the whole process from the minute he met her until he ends up on Bed! Most surprisingly, for few seconds, he also shows the girl changing her cloths in the video!

Few people have taken this issue to social platform questioning his indecent action. But the Vlogger claims, “I had full consent of her posting that video”. In that video, once he took a break, goes to the restroom and films himself saying, “She doesn’t know I’m Vlogging and that’s why I cannot take her face in the video”.

This video created a big hate towards Indians, where many facebook users posted hate comments, which degrades Indians in Poland. The Vlogger posted an explanation video today saying that it was not filmed secretly. It was staged and both this Indian and the Polish girl planned to cheat the public viewers. “If the girl knew that he is filming, did she deliberately allow him to publish the video of her changing clothes?” asks a facebook user who follows the post about this incident in one fb group.

The facebook user who sent us this information says that either this Indian Vlogger will be punished under EU law for filming and publishing without the girl’s consent, or both the Vlogger and the Polish girl will be punished under the Polish law for cheating people by creating fake video and calling it as a real one.  

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