The president of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski published an appeal to Poles living in Poland. It’s a campaign under the title “Akcji PotrzebUEmy, which means “We need EU”.

As a sign of opposition to the veto of the EU budget, from Wednesday to Friday, EU flags will also hang next to national and local flags in Warsaw and other cities. Rafał Trzaskowski encourages residents to join the action. It is a joint initiative of local authorities from Poland and Hungary. As part of this action, Polish and Hungarian local governments want to convince the EU institutions to a solution that would allow redirecting EU funds intended for the recovery of the economy after the pandemic, directly to local authorities.

The President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, and the President of Budapest, Gergely Karácsony, sent the letter outlining this demand to the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament. In his appeal, Rafał Trzaskowski claims that the European Union as a community will deal more efficiently with the challenge of economic recovery after the crisis caused by the pandemic than any of the other Member States. Farmers, entrepreneurs, representatives of non-governmental organizations, local government officials and millions of Poles and Europeans know about it. The majority of the member states that want to start the reconstruction process as soon as possible also understands this.

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