Adnan Oktar is a Turkish religious cult leader, creationist and conspiracy theorist. In 2007, he sent thousands of unsolicited copies of his book, The Atlas of Creation, which advocates Islamic creationism, to American scientists, members of Congress, and science museums. In more recent years, Oktar has preached “the true Islam” based on Quran on his TV channel. His organization is commonly referred to as a cult. And he has been described by media as the most notorious cult leader in Turkey. Oktar filed more than 5,000 lawsuits against individuals for defamation from 2005 to 2015, which led to the blocking of a number of prominent websites in Turkey.

His luck ran out on January 11, when a Turkish court sentenced him to over 1,000 years in jail for fraud, torture and sexual abuse. Mr Oktar was a chameleon. He embraced, and then disavowed anti-Semitism. He convinced his followers he was the messiah. He preached a conservative strand of Islam in the 1980s, dialogue between Christians, Muslims and Jews after 2001, and after 2011, when he launched his own TV channel, sex. On his show, Mr Oktar would appear flanked by scantily clad women, whom he called his kittens.

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