Dharavi logs zero coronavirus cases for first time since April. Labeled as a coronavirus hotspot once. The first case sparked panic in the densely populated area where lakhs of people live in small shanties. Dharavi, believed to be the largest slum in Asia, reported no new coronavirus cases on Friday, since April 1 when the first infection came to light.

According to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation [BMC], the caseload their stands at 3,788 with only 12 active cases, of them, eight are in home isolation, and four in quarantine centres.

The first COVID -19 case was reported eight months ago. From April to June, ‘chase the virus’ initiative helped Dharavi. Active cases tally went under100. Community management and cooperation helped Dharai.

BMC is pleased with the development. While the number of cases in Dharavi, or elsewhere, seem under control, India is relying on the vaccine to give it a complete respite from the pandemic. A dry run of the vaccination will take place in four states.

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