“We want every adult citizen to be able to sign up for a vaccination against COVID-19 by May 10,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Monday.

“By May 10, we want to ensure that every citizen over 18 can receive an e-referral and, from May 10, sign up for vaccination, so that by August at the latest – and we hope that it may be even earlier, it depends on the number of vaccines coming to Poland – every willing citizen shall be vaccinated,” added the Prime Minister.

The head of government expressed hope that everyone would want to get vaccinated. He gave the UK as an example of the vaccines being effective, whose vaccination program started a month and a half earlier than EU countries and is now seeing a sharp drop in the number of cases.

“We have a growing hope that thanks to the commonality of vaccination points, we will not only be able to go on a counter-offensive, but also make the pandemic less and less troublesome, and the number of new infections will give us the opportunity to defrost the economy,” the Prime Minister concluded.

Vaccine availability is increasing

– In the second quarter, we received over 4 million more vaccines than previously planned . Thanks to this, we will be able to fight for a return to peace and a return to normal work more effectively, said the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, according to the information published on the government website “Vaccination report against COVID-19”, it appears that in warehouses and refrigerators in clinics there are over a million doses of the vaccine.

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