On 6 November 2020, a Polish man suffered a cardiac arrest for at least 45 minutes, because of which – according to the hospital – serious and permanent brain damage occurred. Since then he was in a vegetative state. As a result, the Plymouth Hospital applied to the court for permission to remove the life-support equipment, to which the man’s wife and children, who lived in England, agreed. The man’s wife pleaded the court to remove him from the life support equipment, because he might not want to be a burden for others. However, the man’s mother in Poland wanted to bring him back to Poland for treatment.

On December 15, the Guardianship Court – a special court dealing exclusively with such cases, ruled that a man’s wife knew better than his mother and sisters what his will would be. A British court has also ruled that in the current situation it is not in his best interest to support a man’s life, and therefore it would be legal to remove life support equipment and that the man should be given palliative care.

Since then few times the man’s life support was removed. It was attached back again due to the pressure implemented by his mom in Poland.

Ultimately, the polish man lost the fight within himself and passed away.

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