In the press conference held this morning, Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski, an expert of the Supreme Medical Council for combating COVID-19 said that we should only use masks that actually filter. He pointed out the differences between a good mask and a bad one. He added, “the reusable masks and face shield alone does nothing when it comes to air filtration”. The president of Warsaw Family Physicians, Michał Sutkowski, said that the most ideal would be FFP3, FFP2 or a surgical mask.

The main adviser to the prime minister on COVID-19, professor Andrzej Horban was asked today in the program “Jeden na jeden”, whether he is fighting for the introduction of the obligation to wear professional masks in Poland, instead of, handkerchiefs or face shields. He said, “The Medical Council is making a hard recommendation like that. You should actually throw all these pseudo-protections into the trash, forget about them”.

Wirtualna Polska asked Adam Niedzielski, the health minister, whether he plans to introduce such an obligatory regulation.  “No, today there will be no such regulation but we are considering about the standards of masks” – emphasized Niedzielski.

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