A much longer vacation and a much higher tax-free allowance- these changes that the government will soon have to consider. Trade unions are demanding reforms that benefit workers, which could come into effect after the pandemic. The project, which has a good chance of successfully voting in the future, may already be ready next month.

Currently working full time, depending on their seniority, can count on 20 [ for people working for less than 10 years] or 26 days [ for people working for more than 10 years] annual leave. Trade unions have been calling for changes for a long time, now the topic has returned, and this is due to the work on the social pact, an agreement between employers and trade unions that would be ratified by the government.

The trade unions proposed, inter alia, extension of holidays to 35 day. It should be done in stages. In first place, the length should be equalised to 26 days, regardless of the employee’s seniority, in the next stage, the leave would be extended- also for all those working under a contact of employment upto 35 days a year.

31 days of vacation means that with weekends, you can plan a vacation lasting up to 1.5 months in one single period.

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