Support For Indian Farmers Is Pouring In From Around The World. From the US to the UK and Canada, the diaspora from around the world is asking the Indian government to listen to the farmers. And this list includes Poland too.

A group of Indians in Poland protested in front of the embassy of India is Warsaw, supporting the farmers in India. It’s been two weeks since hundreds of thousands of farmers and their supporters descended on the Indian capital, blockading major arterial roads, in an effort to push back on government reforms.

The protest has sparked one of the biggest campaigns to date against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) — spreading as far as Sydney, Toronto, Warsaw and London.

The Government argues the reforms will give farmers the choice of what they sell, who they sell to, and for how much. Embassy of India in Warsaw also posted the explanatory information about the farmer’s bill on their fb page that says, “Truth about new Farm Bills. Don’t fall prey to misinformation” and a video that says, “The new agricultural reforms do NOT affect the MSP system or APMC Mandis!”

To watch the video of the protest “click here

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