There are new experiments in the world of food and drink. Food enthusiasts always in search of a place for themselves where they can get more than one favourite food. For such amateurs, food trucks in the country and abroad is increasing. Amidst the pandemic, people who are not going to restaurants, buy their favourite food from there. In this stark contrast, a food truck in New York city serves only food for dogs. The truck was launched in 2017. Its name is the Woof Bowl, where a variety of fast food are available for dogs. It serves food like burgers, fries etc.

Dog friendly healthy food is served at the Woof Bowl. This truck claims that organic food is made for dogs here. No harmful chemicals or preservatives are used to make it. Everything made here is so delicious that even humans can eat it with dogs.

You can also find Woof bowl at rescue events and dog friendly pop-ups around the area. They are cooking up healthy party fare too. You can have Woof Bowl cater your Dog’s birthday party or, if you’re only having a few friends over to celebrate, you can order a birthday cake or cookies.

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