How much will the deposit be for a can or plastic bottle? Here is the minimum price.
In order to increase the level of recycling of these raw materials. It is even necessary if Poland is to meet European standards when it comes to recycling. Currently, according to Eurostat Data, we are recovering only about 40 percent. The Polish government should be very anxious to meet the requirements, because from the beginning of this year countries are paying fine if the assumed recycling level is not achieved. Countries are expected to pay 80 euros cents for every kilogram of unprocessed waste.

The first issue facing the government is the answer to the question of which system to choose state-owned or producer-based.

The first option assumes that it is the state organizes and finances a system for collecting bottles and cans. In the case of production system, its operation is the responsibility of the beverage and food producers who place the packaging to the market.

How much would the deposit have to be for the whole thing to make sense? according to the organization’s calculations, the deposit for a PET bottle should be at least 50 groszy.
It is cost that will acceptable to the consumer, and at the same time will be profitable for producers and will allow the system to function. The deposit must be high enough to increase the incentive to return the can or bottle.

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